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Tipping In France

Tipping in France and its major cities can be a confusing as a tip is often included in the price. No matter if you are traveling to Nice, Paris, Cannes, or the remote villages the tipping etiquette is the same. France is known for its delicious food, kind people and breath taking scenery. Paris is home of the Eiffel tower, perhaps one of the most beautiful structures around the world. The whole country is worth exploring and is a must for anyone looking for an adventure. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip and when you shouldn’t on your travels around France.    Taxis: It is expected to tip the taxi driver about 10% of the fare.    Hotels: You can tip the bell boy 1 Euro per bag. If staying at a nicer hotel then you should tip the maid 1-2 Euro a night.    Restaurants: A 15% service will be included on the bill, however it is still common to leave the change or round up. Even if the service was really good this still shouldn’t be more then 5%.    Bars: Like restaurants service is included in the bill so leaving the change for good service is considered polite.    Other: Though service is often included in most prices it is common to include an additional tip for very good service....

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Tipping In Norway

Tipping in Norway has never been common, however people are starting to tip a bit more. Usually a service charge will be included on your bills, however if you really enjoyed your experience then a few extra will go a long way. The people are friendly and the landscapes are beautiful, Norway really is a country to see. Use our tipping guide below before you travel to Norway!    Taxis: Not required but rounding up the fair makes things easier for everyone.    Hotels: Not required. If you thought you recieved exceptional service then you can leave some of the maid and staff. However, this is rare and not normal.    Restaurants: Service will be included in the price. However, it is common to round up the total if the service was good. This is appreciated by the staff and very encouraging for them.    Bars: As with restaurants its not required, but rounding up or leaving the change is appreciated.    Other: As mentioned, tipping isn’t very standard in Norway so don’t expect to tip every time you go out. Instead relax and enjoy the beautiful views Norway has to offer....

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