Tipping In The United Kingdom

Tipping In The United Kingdom isn’t very common at all. Surprisingly since London is one of the most travelled cities in the world. People travel from all over the world to see the royal family, walk over London Bridge, see big ben and relax at the local pub. The UK has never been a large tipping culture, however depending on where you go you may be expected to tip. Use our guide below to figure out when and where you should tip on your travels around The United Kingdom.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In The United Kingdom Taxis: Not expected, but it is standard now to round up.


Tipping In Hotels In The United Kingdom Hotels: No tips are expected. If the bell boy brings your bags up then 1 pound per bag may be expected. This is seen in the nicer hotels though.


Tipping In Restaurants In The United Kingdom Restaurants: If service isn’t included then you could tip about 10%. However, this isn’t expected and not required. The nicer restaurants in London will likely include a service charge on the bill. This is worth checking so you don’t double tip.


Tipping In Bars In The United Kingdom Bars: Tipping in bars or pubs isn’t expected. If you are at a really posh bar then a service charge may be included.


Other Places To Tip In The United Kingdom Other: The United Kingdom is a very friendly country with some great beer. Tipping isn’t really part of the culture though, so don’t always expect to tip on your trip!


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