Tipping In Thailand

Tipping in Thailand isn’t traditional or common, in fact is known as the land of smiles! Even though Thailand isn’t a traditional tipping country, tipping does go a long way due to the low wages. Even a dollar can be half a days wage for a Thai. So if you have a $1 or $2 to spare then a tip can go a long way and bring lots of smiles. Use our guide below and only tip if the service is good, as you don’t want to encourage bad service. That goes for anywhere in the world! Use our tipping guide below for your travels around Bangkok, Phuket, and the rest of Thailand!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Thailand Taxis: For pre-negotiated prices you don’t need to tip. If the driver did an outstanding job then rounding up will bring a smile. If you have a driver for the whole day then a small tip is warranted assuming he did a good job.


Tipping In Hotels In Thailand Hotels: If a bellboy or staff goes above and beyond then a small tip may be warranted. Also a small amount on the pillow for the maid can go along way. For high end hotels a service charge may already be included though.


Tipping In Restaurants In Thailand Restaurants: Restaurants catered to westerners will expect a tip. Here a 5-10% tip should be added if service was good. Upscale restaurants will likely have a service charge on them.


Tipping In Bars In Thailand Bars: This isn’t expected, but if you had good service then a small tip could be warranted. Usually rounding up at the end of the night is a safe bet.


Other Places To Tip In Thailand Other: Since tipping isn’t common in Thailand there is a lot of debate on when its required. We think that if someone provides a service and goes above the normal means then a 5-10% tip is warranted. Sometimes this is only a $1 or $2 but can go a long way to some.