Slovakia is known for its castles, castles and… castles! It has a record high number of castles and beautiful scenery around them as well! It is really an amazing place that shouldn’t be missed! Tipping is somewhat common in Slovakia so use our guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels through Slovakia!



Taxis Taxis: Tipping a taxi driver isn’t expected or custom in Slovakia.


Hotels Hotels: Tipping in hotels isn’t expected or custom in Slovakia.


Restaurants Restaurants: It is common to round up the bill or leave approximately 10%. You should hand your tip directly to the server and not just leave it on the table.

Make sure you say “Thank You” after tipping and not before, otherwise it could be believed you are leaving all the change as a tip!


Bars Bars: Bars are similar to restaurants. You should tip when receiving table service and leave the change directly with the server. 5-10% is a fair tip at a bar in Slovakia.


Other Other: Tipping in bars and restaurants is common in Slovakia. Outside these there is no other reason to tip, so enjoy your time while traveling around Slovakia!