Tipping In Poland

Tipping in Poland can be confusing with this rich culture, deep history and friendly people. Whether you are visiting Krakow or Warsaw you should know when to tip on your travels. Sometimes a “Thank You” doesn’t translate the same way as we would expect. Use our guide below to figure out when you should and shouldn’t tip on your travels through Poland!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Poland Taxis: Tipping taxi drivers is expected. 10% would be a normal if the driver provided a good service


Tipping In Hotels In Poland Hotels: Tipping is not required or expected. You will unlikely see any bellboys. If you do encounter one then small change is appreciated.


Tipping In Restaurants In Poland Restaurants: First make sure service isn’t included on your bill. If it isn’t then you should tip 10% of the bill. When paying you should remember that saying “Thank You” translates to keep the change!


Tipping In Bars In Poland Bars: Like restaurants saying “Thank You” means keep the change. Something to keep in mind when paying. You don’t have to tip bar tenders but the change does go a long way.


Other Places To Tip In Poland Other: Besides what was mentioned above don’t feel the need to tip anywhere else on your travels. Poland is a lot of fun and the polish people are lovely, just keep in mind that “Thank You” does translate to keep the change!