Macedonia is a beautiful country that is often unexplored by fellow travelers. Skopje is a beautiful and interesting city with lots to offer! The surrounding towns and villages are rich in culture and sights! Tipping isn’t very common in Macedonia, but it still is practiced a bit. Use our guide below so you know who to tip and when while in Macedonia!



Taxis Taxis: You should tip the taxi driver around 10% of the fare or simply round up.

Hotels Hotels: Tipping isn’t common in hotels so don’t feel the need to tip.


Restaurants Restaurants: If service isn’t included then you should tip 10% of the total bill, assuming service was good. In smaller restaurants just leaving the change is appreciated!


Bars Bars: Tipping bar tenders isn’t expected or required.


Other Other: Macedonia isn’t big on tipping besides in restaurants. Enjoy your time in Macedonia and don’t worry about tipping otherwise!