Tipping In Indonesia

Tipping in Indonesia isn’t traditional, and more often then not a service charge will be included on the bill. Don’t let that stop your travels though, as Indonesia is home of the beautiful island of Bali filled with lovely people and amazing views. With such beautiful landscapes its no wonder visitors rush to the island every year to see everything Indonesia has to offer! Use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your adventures in Indonesia!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Indonesia Taxis: Tipping isn’t expected, most taxis should be metered. Since small change isn’t always carried its best to round up though.


Tipping In Hotels In Indonesia Hotels: Major hotels will include a service charge which can be up to 11% of the bill. Make sure to check the receipt for this charge. Don’t expect to tip if you see this charge on your bill.


Tipping In Restaurants In Indonesia Restaurants: Most restaurants will include a 10% service charge on the bill. If this isn’t on the bill then you can tip 5-10% if you enjoyed the service. It isn’t mandatory though.


Tipping In Bars In Indonesia Bars: Don’t tip. There may be a service charge on the bill, otherwise tipping isn’t required.


Other Places To Tip In Indonesia Other: Tipping isn’t common in Indonesia. Make sure you check your bills for service charge before tipping. If there isn’t a service charge then don’t feel the need to tip.