Tipping In Mauritania

Tipping in Mauritania can be common for some. If you look like you have money, you will be expected to tip. Something to keep that in mind when packing. While the desert of Mauritania is amazing and it is also home of a UNESCO site and one of the longest trains, you should be very careful when visiting. Multiple governments have travel warnings in place for Mauritania due to the increase in terrorist activities. Be careful and be safe! If you go to Mauritania be sure to use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Mauritania!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Mauritania Taxis: When taking a taxi in Mauritania you should round up the fare.


Tipping In Hotels In Mauritania Hotels: A small tip in hotels is usually appreciated but not required. You should tip the bellboy 100-200 MRO per bag and the maid 100-200 MRO per night.


Tipping In Restaurants In Mauritania Restaurants: You should tip 12-15% of the bill if a service charge isn’t included.


Tipping In Bars In MauritaniaBars: While it is possible to drink in certain areas, you aren’t expected to tip your bar tender.


Other Places To Tip In Mauritania Other: Tipping isn’t extremely common, however if you look like you have money, you will be expected to tip. This is a similar theme around Africa. If you look like a back packer tipping isn’t assumed but is always appreciated!