Tipping In Benin

Tipping in Benin can be confusing. Tipping isn’t custom but it’s appreciated, especially as a tourist. This is similar all over the poorer African countries since the daily wage is so low compared to the rest of the world. Benin is full of culture and experiences and really is a must see place. It’s the birthplace of Voodoo and offers a unique experience to travelers! If you go to Benin be sure to use our tipping guide to figure out when you should tip on your vacation in Benin!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Benin Taxis: When taking a taxi in Benin you should round up the fare.

Tipping In Hotels In Benin Hotels: Tipping in hotels in Benin isn’t required. You could tip the bellboy 200 XOF per bag and the main 200 XOF per night if you enjoyed yourself.


Tipping In Restaurants In Benin Restaurants: Tipping in Restaurants is appriciated in Benin. You should round up in smaller establishments or tip up to 10%.


Tipping In Bars In BeninBars: Tipping bartenders isn’t common or expected.


Other Places To Tip In Benin Other: If you are going on a tour then you should tip your guide 10% and your driver 5% of the cost. Tourism isn’t very common in Benin so you should always try and negotiate the prices on your tours.