Tipping In Haiti

Tipping in Haiti isn’t too common, but it does occur every now and then. Haiti is a beautiful island that has gone through some hard times in the recent years. The people of Haiti are marvelous people and despite hard times are welcoming with open arms. If you visit Haiti please keep in mind the people are still recovering from the earthquake in 2010. Use our tipping guide below to figure out when you should tip on your travels through Haiti!


Tipping Taxi Drivers In Haiti Taxis: Tipping a taxi driver is not expected, the total fare will include any tip.


Tipping In Hotels In Haiti Hotels: You should tip the bell boy $1 per bag for bringing your bags up to your room. You should also tip the maid $1-2 a night for cleaning the room.


Tipping In Restaurants In Haiti Restaurants: While not expected in everyday restaurants, you should tip 10% in upscale or restaurants catered toward tourists.


Tipping In Bars In Haiti Bars: Tipping in bars isn’t common and not necessary. You can tip $1-2 at the end if the service was good.


Other Places To Tip In Haiti Other: Most Haitians wouldn’t tip on a normal basis, so don’t ever feel pressured to. If the service was good then feel free to tip on your travels around Haiti.