Tipping In The Cayman Islands

Tipping in The Cayman Islands is common as it is a resort destination and tipping is used as a reward for good service. The Cayman Islands is known for its great beaches and amazing dive sites. It is a MUST for any divers and water fanatics! Use our tipping guide below to learn how much you should tip when traveling around the Caymans.


Tipping Taxi Drivers In The Cayman Islands Taxis: You will agree on the fare when entering the cab, however you are still expected to tip 10-15% on top of this.


Tipping In Hotels In The Cayman Islands Hotels: Though you may see a service charge added to your bill you are still expected to tip. You should tip the bellboy $1-2 per bag and the maid $1-2 a night.


Tipping In Restaurants In The Cayman Islands Restaurants: Tax and service is already included in the bill at about 15%. If you feel the service was exceptional then you can add a bit extra or round up. This extra will go directly to the waiter rather then to house to be split between everyone.


Tipping In Bars In The Cayman Islands Bars: Like restaurants tax and service is included in the bill. Most people will tip the bar tender $.50 to 1 to get better service.


Other Places To Tip In The Cayman Islands Other: If diving or snorkeling you should also tip the crew. Depending on your experience you should aim to tip $5-15 per person per day. Don’t forget your life is in your diver masters hands at times!