Armenia isn’t usually high on the list for travelers, however its a country that shouldn’t be missed! There is rich culture, amazing history and beautiful and lively people. As more travelers head to Armenia tipping becomes more and more common. Use our guide below to so you know who to tip and when while in Armenia!



Taxis Taxis: Most taxi drivers will expect you to round up the fare to the nearest whole amount.


Hotels Hotels: Tipping in hotels isn’t expected or custom in Armenia.


Restaurants Restaurants: You may see a 10% service charge on your bill, this isn’t for the staff but goes directly to the front of the house. You should try and avoid restaurants with this service charge. Otherwise, you should aim to tip about 10% in both restaurants and cafes.


Bars Bars: You should aim to tip around 5-10% of the bill. Especially in cafes as often the staff only work for tips.


Other Other: Tipping in Yerevan is pretty common, outside the capital you won’t have to tip much. Leaving spare change is always appreciated and it goes a long way!