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Tipping In The Maldives

Tipping in the Maldives can be very confusing though. A service charge is included in almost everything and the local government says that tipping is not encouraged and shouldn’t be done. However, everywhere you go you are...

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Tipping In Japan

Tipping in Japan can be very confusing for everyone on their first visit. Tipping is not customary in Japan, in fact it can be considered quite rude to some. When traveling around you will find very very few instances of a tip...

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Tipping In Uzbekistan

Tipping in Uzbekistan isn’t common or expected. Uzbekistan has unique history, amazing architecture and some beautiful nature reserves. It isn’t on everyone’s list, but it should be! Its an amazing country with...

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Tipping In Lebanon

Tipping in Lebanon is a common practice and to be expected. Tipping is part of the culture and its appreciated by all. Lebanon is most famous for its delicious food and exquisite cuisine. Foodies will be in paradise as they...

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Tipping In Qatar

Tipping in Qatar can be quite common. It follows a general rule of 10%, but be sure to check your bill as service charges can be included. Qatar is a safe country to visit and has some rich history and some great water sports...

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Tipping In Sri Lanka

Tipping in Sri Lanka is custom and the way of life. If you go to Sri Lanka you should expect to tip. While tipping is the norm, the prices are still cheap so it wont break the bank. Sri Lanka is full of culture and experiences...

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Tipping In Yemen

Tipping in Yemen isn’t very common and is only seen in a few places. Unfortunately Yemen is in civil war currently and all government agencies have advised against traveling to Yemen. It’s a shame too as Yemen is a...

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Tipping In Tajikistan

Tipping in Tajikistan isn’t common and is rarely done. Tajikistan is known for its diverse landscape and a popular destination among hiking fans! Though rarely travelled it is definitely an interesting country for anyone...

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